Sand Products


Concrete Sand - Meets ASTM C-33, NJDOT, NYNJPA, PENN DOT, and NYSDOT materials specifications. Used in Portland cement concrete for road paving, building foundations, bridges, brick and block walkways and pre-cast products. Specified by many septic system and bio retention system engineers that require specific percolation rates.

Asphalt Sand - Meets NJDOT, PENN DOT, and NYSDOT material specifications 703-01 and NYSDOT Super Pave mix design criteria. Used in hot mix asphalt for road paving, parking lots, highway reconstruction and maintenance. Special Blends to meet customers' requirements are available.

Masonry Mortar Sand - Meets ASTM C-144 material specification. Used in brick and block mortar, patchwork and finish work on concrete walls.

Crushed Gravel - Used in Portland Cement Concrete and Bituminous Concrete applications.


Equestrian Sand - Our sands are used by many horse farms throughout the Tri-State area.

Trench Sand - Used as fill sand as well as bedding material under a variety of piping applications.

Fairway Top Dressing Sand - Used to improve drainage for drier and firmer fairways and athletic fields. National laboratory certified reports available for review.

Bunker Sand - For use in public and private golf course applications. Custom and USGA approved sands available.

Root Zone Mixes - Used to obtain maximum percolation and resistance to compaction while ensuring structural stability in golf courses and athletic fields. A manufactured root zone mix is one of the most important ingredients of a successful sports field or golf course construction project. Soils are manufactured by mixing together properly graded sand particles with a certain proportion of organic matter, peat being the most often used.

Divot Mixes - A combination of sand, soil and organic matter used to fill in divots on golf courses and athletic fields.

Sub-base Material - For use as foundations for roads, parking lots and driveways.

Ice Control Sand - Course sand for use in winter sanding operations.

Ice Control Salt - Salt for use in winter salting operations.