Architectural Split Face Block

Split Face masonry is the definitive classic architectural block. Available in a wide spectrum of colors, this collection is also manufactured as Split Ribbed units. Our newest technology introduces the beauty of multi-blend color enhancements. The color range available can also be manufactured as a smooth colored concrete masonry unit

Clayton Block Architectural Masonry Units contain AquaShield™, an integral water repellent manufactured by Great Eastern Technologies, LLC


These colors are for preliminary selection only. For actual product color, please obtain a sample.


C-23 Brick
C-500 Coral
C-15 Hershey
C-24 Malt
C-2 Polar White
C-16 Fuji Red
C-26 Suede
C-17 Slate Gray
C-21 Canyon Rose
C-300 Vanilla
C-1B Marble
C-25 Latte
C-20 Salmon
C-1 Natural
C-103 Lilac
C-12 Shark River
C-6 Clayton White
C-11 Hickory
C-27 Dove Gray
C-22 Casino Red
C-28 Charcoal
C-4 Blush
C-3 Pearl
C-14 Walnut